• Awalau

    Located on the ethereal hillsides of Maui, this 30 acre Organic Sustainable Community serves as a learning experience. Hosting Wwoofers and local workshops, raising vegetables and animals, and serving the community at large, the farm brings together students and learning in the most
    Earth-centered way.

  • Jeremy

    Author, farmer, inventor, restauranteur, yoga & kung fu teacher, regarded as a Renaissance man by friends and students alike, Jeremy brings to you a variety of offerings to assist in wellbeing, exploring mystery, and creating a fun learning experience.

  • Haunted

    An interactive outdoor haunted Forest and Faerie Festival located in the lush hills of Haiku, Hawaii. Once a year, to celebrate the turning of the wheel, the gates open for a few special days and nights of Haunted Mystical Tours including events for the Keiki during the day.

  • Hawaiian

    Born of ancient volcanic deposits of Hawaiian soil, purified by a sacred spring for thousands of years, vitalized by the tropical sun, this Hawaiian Red Clay comes to you from a private deposing hidden in the jungles of Maui. This clay is a natural healing element used in Pelotherapy.

  • Dragon

    Home of the mystic, meditative, and martial arts divisions of wellbeing, Dragon Yoga brings the breath of fire to life within you, each time you practice. With multiple formats available, the presence of mind and body will conjoin, creating a greater sense of whole health.

  • Unpredictaball

    Unpredictiball is a highly elusive and unpredictable martial arts and sports training device which provides an organic and experiential learning opportunity along with endless hours of entertainment and exercise. This small yet random sack will get your eyes and limbs in the game!